Whether you're on your bed, in your dorm, at the library, beach, game night, or picnic with that special someone, Radical Recliners is your go-to piece of furniture for any situation. Check out our video and Kickstarter campaign and make sure to follow us on social media to get the most up to date news on the most innovative piece of furniture on the market! Thanks for checking out our website and how Radical Recliners is the most innovative piece of furniture for everyday people! 

Lumbar Pillows:

how it works

100% made in the United States, Radical Recliners are 100% vegan and arrive in an eco-friendly box. We believe in America and socially conscious business practices.

Innovative furniture for everyday people

Video demonstrating the 3 function -1 invention: Video coming soon!

Check out our online store to purchase a Radical Recliner! We are currently getting licensed to sell custom Greek Life recliners! 


3 furniture products in 1